More Stupid Tax Giveaways to Property Owners

I’d like to start by preemptively answering a couple of what I expect are the most common questions a reader may have at this point:

  • Q: Why haven’t you written for over a year? A: I’m lazy.
  • Q: So, why are you writing again now? A: As a grouchy old person, my deep inner need to complain finally boiled over and reached a point where it trumped my laziness.
  • Q: Why are you writing even more about taxes? Your whining about the MID clocked in at nearly 10,000 words! We’ve had enough! A: I like complaining about policies that give special tax treatment to people who haven’t done anything special. Don’t worry; I’ll eventually complain about things other than taxes, too.

With those preliminaries out of the way, let’s get started.

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